Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bread is Killing Kimberly

Deadlier than it looks
My girlfriend is allergic to food.

Okay, not all food. But gluten, eggs,and yeast. That's like, almost all food.

And whenever she eats any of it, terrible things happen. So terrible I can't even...


So I've told her to get on an appropriate diet. Told her that it kills me whenever she isn't.

So far, she's been doing good. But everyday an evil cookie calls her over to the darkside. She's walking that thin line between Jedi and Sith, but I know that the blue lightsabers always win.

And Kimberly will win.

Already she has vaporized all unhealthy food in her house. Already she has promised me to never touch bad food again.

But her greatest challenge awaits.

Kimberly is going away to meet family this Thanksgiving. Going away to a house full of pain inducing food.

Will she be able to resist the sweets?

Yes. I know she will. How?

Because Kimberly never breaks a promise. So...

Have a great Thanksgiving honey.

Just focus on the turkey. And the force will be with you.


In Defense of Myself: Kimberly's Story

Yes, it's true. I'm allergic to almost everything. Gluten, eggs, yeast. Ok, it doesn't sound like a lot, until you consider nearly every sauce, beverage and processed food item has one of those ingredients in it.

What can I eat? Meat, veggies and fruit.

I've not been very good at staying away from these things since I found out.

I try. I really do. But then the food calls to me with their evil little voices. "Eat me, eat me," and come on, homemade mac and cheese beats out carrot sticks any day of the week.

It also sends me to the fetal position crying.

You'd think given all my brilliance and brain power that this would be, well, a no-brainer.

You'd think.

But apparently I'm a true moron when it comes to my own health. I have the foresight of a gnat. Seriously.

When it comes to food, I see about .3 seconds ahead. That's it. The rest is a blur.

And it is killing me. It's making holes in my gut. Causing my body to swell from the inside. Leaving me in pain ALL the time.


And yet, stopping for myself was just too hard.

But Dmytry is hurt when I'm hurt. And I can't hurt him.

And I can't break a promise to him either.

So this Thanksgiving, I will not have gravy, or biscuits or wine or beer or stuffing or bean green casserole or any desserts. I will eat meat. And...well...I don't know.

But I will not break my promise.


  1. I feel your pain. After I became vegan, I discovered that I also had an intolerance to wheat. Then soy, corn, oats(!) and chickpeas. And black beans. And one daughter can't eat nuts. And another can't eat apples or berries. And my husband can't eat either. And one of my sons can't eat dairy now. It blows- but know that rice and potatoes are always there for you.

  2. yes, rice and potatoes. And yes, it can be miserable. I'm finding dairy to be a problem too ;( Fortunately I have a very supportive boyfriend ;)

  3. Bless you, lady, and double bless Dmytry. What a very hard situation, this why it's GREAT to have a partner in crime. I'm looking forward to reading about when you guys live together.

    P.S. I cannot believe all the things you are allergic too. I have been involved in nutrition and health for YEARS, but I am stumped. At least you can eat meat, rice and potatoes! My (IRISH) folks made it through the famine on theses staples.

    Go-Go Rach

  4. Rach, yes I too am looking forward to writing about us living together ;) CANNOT wait for him to get here. It's insane.

    And I'm soooo grateful I have a partner who is so supportive of my dietary needs and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep me healthy. I LOVE HIM!

    Yeah, meat, fruits, veggies and rice. Minus sauces and most marinades. *Sigh* well, since I've promised to be good in regards to my diet, I'll actually start getting in a lot better shape. So there's that! LOL Thanks for all your support dear :) You ROCK!

  5. I'm lactose intolerant, but I've found out how to make it work without too much fuss and interruption to my daily schedule. I think this challenge is far more difficult though. Most folks don't know what this entails.

  6. Rice flour is your friend, Kimberly! And let me also recommend this blog:

    I've got several friends who are gluten-intolerant, and you'd be amazed what you can make without gluten (and yeast). Good luck exploring your culinary alternatives!

  7. Tyrone: Thanks for the comment. Yes, it's tough. Mine is an allergy to dairy, not lactose, so it's tricky. Thank goodness for Rice Milk! Thank you for that gluten free site and encouragement. I needed it today! :)

  8. Hey have you ever tried the magazine Clean Eating? They have some recipes for folks with allergies such as yourself. I, personally LOVE the magazine and the recipes! Oh and Trader Joes has loads of gluten free stuff, not sure there is one near you.

    Stay strong and be healthy my friend! :)

  9. Stull: No, hadn't heard of that mag. I will check it out. We do have a Trader Joes nearby. Often gluten free food has yeast, eggs or dairy. But I have found good rice pasta I like. So, baby steps. Bread is almost impossible though. :( well, time to get healthy and in shape. Still waiting for you to come help me get those killer abs of yours :) lol