Sunday, November 14, 2010

Launching Our ♥ Love ♥ Blog!

It's HERE! The night we launch our new blog. 

We were too excited to even wait for a more blog-launch-appropriate day. Like, say, Tuesday. Tuesday is the day when all the cool peeps read blogs apparently. Saturday night, not so much. 

But, we are impatient. Well, one of is more so than the other. 

K: Pfft, he's talking about ME. I have this problem, with that patient thing. As in, I'm not.

D: It's endearing, honey. One of the many reasons I love you. 

K: Awww, see, this is why I LOVE this man. But, okay, I think someone just threw up a little in their mouths. So back to the post.

OK. Where were we. Oh yes. We couldn't wait. Even without any real content. Or a point to this post at all. We decided to launch anyways. Mostly because we feel very clever at having figured out how to put a heart between our names. Don't you love that!?!

So, what can you expect from us? 

Well, here's a top 10 list for why you should follow us. Ready? OK!
10. We're funny. Honest. Sometimes we're serious. But even then, we can be funny. You'll see.

9. We are both professional writers. Like, people pay us and stuff. So, presumably, we know how to write stuff you'll want to read. Hey, that's more than a lot of people can claim!

8. We reach many demographics. Dmytry is college age. Kimberly has been a single mom of three for awhile and is in her early 30s. We got lots of bases covered with this!

7. We have unbelievably cute kids. And they are brilliant and funny and will be making random appearances with their wickedly witty ways. 

6. We're consistent in our posting! You'll never be at a lack for something to read by us together (or individually on our own blogs.) 

5. We're sickeningly in love. (What, this isn't a plus for you? Awww come on, it's cute.) 

4. We represent a very wide range of issues: Age differences in relationships, blended families, adoptive parents, couples who work together, the writing life, and well...there's probably more. You get the idea!

3. We were hot by ourselves, but as a couple we are sinfully delicious. *evil grin*

2. We write all range of genres from fiction, non-fiction and ghostwriting. This seems like it should make us more interesting, right? We're hoping it does. 

1. We will likely NEVER do a Top 10 List again! 

And there you have it folks! Any questions? 

Well we have one. What do you want to read about? Give us your ideas and we will try to make it happen. 

A big thanks and hugs and love to all of you who encouraged and supported us on this journey. 



  1. I will be back to savor your love. Good luck my friends. I find you both humbling and endearing. A contradiction like your coupling. I am charmed by you both.

  2. Congrats on starting your new blog! (And yes, you both are cute together. :) )

  3. Thanks Sean. Soooo sweet :)
    And Jami! So happy to see you here. You rock! :)

  4. Awesome blog. Can't wait to come back again. I love this.

  5. somedayandnever:
    THANKS :) Can't wait for you to come back. We will have a new post in the next day or so! :)