Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Someone Is Stalking Us

The Red Phone of Doom
Someone is stalking us. We think. It’s very strange and we are both pretty freaked out right now.

Here’s what happened.

We live our lives on the phone. Literally. We will talk for 7 hours at a time while we write, clean, eat, have family meetings with the kids, etc. Until we are together in person forever, this is how it has to be for us not to go more insane than we already are.

Last night ended as it always does, hanging on every last word of each others until we were falling asleep on the phone. We spent another 30 minutes saying goodbye after heartwarming talks about our future “shiny babies” (that’s a topic for another post.)

We set our alarms to talk in the morning. (That was about 4 hours away.)

When we talked the next morning: 

K: Morning. I love you.
D: Morning honey. Missed you. Dreamed about you.
K: Me too. God I wish you were here.
D: Yeah, so do I. If I were I’d…

(Ok, we will skip to the relevant parts of this conversation now…)

D: Hey honey. Did you call this morning?
K: No, why?
D: I got a call at around 7a.m. that sounded like you. But she hung up.
K: 7 a.m. your time?
D: Yes
K: Oh My God that’s soooo creepy!
D: Yeah it is.
K: No babe, it’s really creepy. That was 4 a.m. my time. I got a call from a woman at around 4 a.m. When I answered she said something like “I have the wrong number” and hung up. But that was after the phone rang for a long time.
D: Woah that is freaky.

So, here are the facts.

At 7:08 a.m. Dmytry got a call from a Private Caller. When he answered a woman said something about having the wrong number and hung up.

At around 4:10 a.m. (7:10 a.m. for Dmytry) Kimberly got a call from a Private Caller. When she answered a woman said something about having the wrong number and hung up.

Holy CRAP! (this is NOT Kimberly)
Here’s where it gets REALLY freaky.

Dmytry’s number is not listed in his name, and very few people have the number.

Kimberly just got this phone number a week ago. She has only ever called 4 people with it, and even she does not remember what her phone number is.

We live in different countries, (Kimberly in US, Dmytry in Canada) and different time zones, but these calls happened within minutes of each other.

This woman didn't ask for anyone, just heard us say hello and said she had the wrong number.

Was she just checking to make sure we were still each in our own country? We are, btw, but only for a few more weeks. What is this about?

No one AT ALL that we can think of has both our phone numbers.

What does this mean? We are totally freaked! Thoughts?


  1. This is a guess on my part but I'm using my prior law enforcement brain here. Although D's number is not in his name and K's is new, if someone really wants to get your phone number it is likely possible. The phone calls sound to me like someone who just found the numbers (or were given them by someone) who was calling to see if they were in fact yours and D's. Maybe harmless, maybe a weird coincidence, but I would think about who do you know who might want to throw a monkey wrench into your plans. (It strikes me, because it's a woman, that it is someone who wants to throw said monkey wrench into D's plans). Or, just as likely, a woman possibly who is confirming for herself that the two of you exist and have plans to spend your lives together. Maybe not what she had hoped and is in that awful stage of grief, forcing herself to face reality. Can you set your phones to not accept blocked/private calls. Usually I think you can do this but still accept D's calls if his are private as well. Just guessing. Hope it turns out to be just a creepy weird coincidence and nothing more.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Julie Jeffs: Thanks for the feedback. Wow. hmm... Yes it wouldn't be too hard to get my phone number. I don't know if it's unlisted, so I'll check on that. Obviously people know our name. And I guess, yes, someone could get D's, especially if she knows him already.

    And how does calling us each at 4/7 a.m. in our own homes confirm we want to spend our lives together? I suspect someone in Ds time zone since 7 a.m. seems more reasonable than 4 a.m., but then, this isn't really a reasonable thing to do, so I could be applying logic to an illogical mind.

    It felt creepy to me even before I found out about D's call. I mean, granted, it could have just been a wrong number. But she didn't ask for anyone. And I croaked out a barely audible "hello." Also, it was just a vibe, you know? Like, this isn't normal. I trust my vibes.

    Something creepy is afoot, but I don't know if it will lead to anything more, or really what more it could lead to.

    Thanks for the tip on blocking private callers. That's a great idea!

    And I can sure see why massive numbers of women would be grief stricken that D is taken. So, that makes sense! :)

  3. Oh K, I agree creepy. Calling you at 4/7 a.m. Well based on my scenario I'm assuming she knows D and knows his voice, called him first to confirim she had the right number and the right person, then called your number to confirm in her own head that you exist. Hopefully that is where it will end but always trust your gut. If you have to, you two change your numbers again. A hassle but worth it if you have someone bothering you. Be safe.

  4. Oh, sorry, she confirms you want to spend your life together by reading your blog then confirming for herself that you particularly are real, not a character in one of D's stories. Make sense?

  5. (Kimberly says)
    J: Ah yes I see. I am a real girl :) hehe.

    Hmmm well it's not his phone to change the number on. But I can change my number no problem. And he'll be here in a few weeks so... yeah, that should work. I think what bothers me most is not knowing. I want to solve the Mystery! (I loved Nancy Drew when I was young and our kids are huge Scooby Doo fans. soo... lol) the not knowing will drive me crazy! but it's really not a far drive so, what's the harm?

  6. Oh wow, that is really scary!! I hope you can get private numbers blocked or something because that is why too much of a coincidence to be anything but deliberate. I hope everything works out ok and you figure this out just like Nancy Drew!

  7. we're getting them blocked, and nothing more has happened. We still have no idea who, what,why or how this happened.